Amber lives Saskatchewan, Canada and did not grow up watching X-Men: TAS because her family didn't have cable TV.  X-Men was sporadically played on one of the few channels she had access to, but it was so out of order she didn't really watch it.


The first X-Men comics Amber ever read was "Rogue and Gambit", the miniseries  from 2018. She's now started reading "Mr. & Mrs. X", and starting to collect fan art and figurines.


In the spring of 2018, Amber finally worked up the nerve to comment on some of her favorite fan fiction and from there she was invited to join a Romy forum on and connected with fans who all loved Rogue and Gambit. This has allowed her to "meet" fans from literally all over the world!    


As a relatively new fan, Amber brings her unique perspective to the podcast.

All opinions and views on this podcast are not affiliated with Marvel Comics. 

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