Riley has been a fan of Gambit since December of 1990 when he first came across Uncanny X-Men #266 at his cousin's house back in the Cajun country of Louisiana.


Once X-Men: The Animated Series aired in 1992, he then became a fan of Rogue and started to read and collect comics.

After relocating to Florida in 2004, Riley set out and began a freelance artist career. He has drawn for the Marvel Comics division of Upper Deck.

Connecting with Gambit & Rogue fans through and Tumblr, Riley decided to start up a podcast and dedicate it to the Romy (Gambit & Rogue) fans around the world in hopes to bring them all together to enjoy an hour or so of fun Romy talk.

Riley does not host alone. He has the help of his many friends from around the world and they all take turns co-hosting along side him. There are new episodes every Friday.

You can listen to these episodes by clicking HERE.

All opinions and views on this podcast are not affiliated with Marvel Comics. 

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